Note: this article is about John Green the blogger, not the famous author of Fault in Our Stars.


Why do the bullies spend so much time trying to destroy authors? I don’t know, but there’s definitely a pattern emerging with these people, as many of them are ostensibly authors themselves—sort of. They are authors in the sense that they try to write a book but never quite complete it, which is also likely why they act as though it is such a trivial and easy process to create a novel yet fail to complete any of their own.


Much like Ginmar, who churns out poorly written fan fictions but has never managed to create something original and complete, John Green is a “writer” in name only, as his super-duper amazing fantasy book has been in the works for years but somehow he’s never managed to complete it. And yet, despite never actually experiencing the pressures and challenges of finishing and publishing a novel of his own, John has self-appointed himself as a member of the “book police,” using his blog to demean, malign, and publicly shame victims whom he feels has violated his code of “author behavior.”


Yes, an “author” who cannot even finish a single book wants to tell other authors how they are to behave, write, and think. And should you run afoul of his guidelines, you can expect a thorough public shaming courtesy of his blog. Often it’s just filled with vulgar demands telling author’s to “fuck off” despite the fact that he’s the one up in their business.